Microsoft has released Service Pack 2 for Exchange Server 2010 for download by customers.

This major update to Exchange 2010 includes the following enhancements.

  • Hybrid Configuration Wizard – provides customers with a streamlined process to configure a hybrid deployment between on-premises and Office 365 Exchange organizations.
  • Address Book Policies – determines the global address list (GAL), offline address book (OAB), room list, and address lists that are visible to the mailbox user that is assigned the policy. Address book policies provide a simpler mechanism to accomplish GAL separation for the on-premises organization that needs to run disparate GALs.
  • Cross-Site Silent Redirection for Outlook Web App – enables a silent redirection when a Client Access server receives a client request that is better serviced by a Client Access server located in another Active Directory site.
  • Mini Version of Outlook Web App – a lightweight browser-based client, similar to the Outlook Mobile Access client in Exchange 2003.
  • Mailbox Replication Service – parameters have been added to the New-WebServicesVirtualDirectory and Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory cmdlets so that you don’t have to perform the manual configuration: MRSProxyEnabled and MaxMRSProxyConnections.
  • Mailbox Auto-Mapping – administrators can turn off the auto-mapping feature by setting the value of the new Automapping parameter to $false on the Add-MailboxPermission cmdlets.
  • Multi-Valued Custom Attributes – introduces five new multi-value custom attributes that you can use to store additional information for mail recipient objects.
  • Litigation Hold – you can’t disable or remove a mailbox that has been placed on litigation hold.

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Read the more about what’s new here, or download Service Pack 2 here.

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