Microsoft has released Update Rollup 11 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3.

From the Microsoft Exchange Team blog:

This release provides an important fix for an Information Store crash when customers are upgrading their Lync server infrastructure to Skype for Business. Exchange Server 2010 is in extended support and will receive security and time zone fixes on-demand on a go-forward basis.

Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3 Update Rollup 11, is the minimum version of Exchange Server 2010 which will be supported in a coexistence deployment with Exchange Server 2016.

Update Rollup 11 can be downloaded from Microsoft here.

The standard order of deployment for Exchange Server 2010 updates applies.

  1. Client Access servers, starting with the internet-facing ones. See this article for how to patch a CAS array.
  2. Hub Transport servers
  3. Unified Messaging servers
  4. Mailbox servers. See this article for how to patch a Database Availability Group.
  5. Edge Transport servers

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  1. Jose

    I am migrating exchange 2010 to exchange 2016. They do not have a test environment.
    6 mailbox servers – 3 at each location(Datacenters)
    4 hubcas servers – 2 at each location
    2 region DAGs – 1 at each location
    11 mail databases – I would like to cut them down to 8 database

    I want to build 2 mailbox servers at each location, a total of 4 mail servers and migrate the databases to the new 2016 mailbox servers.

    What would be the best approach?

      1. Eddy


        After installing exch 2016 while im migrating from 2010. I noticed that i can send emails from 2016 test mailbox to 2010 mailboxes but when i reply from 2010, the mails stay in the queue. When i telnet the exchange 2016 port 25 i can connect naturally.
        What do u think is the problem?

        1. Avatar photo
          Paul Cunningham

          Have you tried to create any custom connectors of any kind as part of your setup?

  2. Jose

    WE are upgrading from exchange 2010 to 2016. Our 2010 has rollups 9 then to rollup 12 and some have rollup 9 to rollup 14. should they be consistent across the board or is this OK? Will I have an issue once I start migrating?

    1. Avatar photo
      Paul Cunningham

      They should all be installed with the latest rollup to remain supported. It doesn’t matter which other rollups were previously installed. All rollups are cumulative.

      1. Jose

        thank you Paul.

  3. Hendy

    I have an issue with OWA. When I forwarded email that contains web links and opened from Outlook, the link is broken. It redirects me to owa page to login. After login, it shows error:
    403 – Forbidden: Access is denied.
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.
    I have googling about this issue and try the possible solving still no luck. And found one says rollup 11 might fix the issue and don’t have this kind of issue.

    1. Avatar photo
      Paul Cunningham

      I’m not sure what you’re asking me. I’ve never heard of that particular issue before, so I recommend you update to the latest rollup, and if the problem still exists and can be reproduced then you should open a Microsoft support case.

      1. Hendy

        Sorry for the bad explanation. Let me explain this way. First, I login to my email in OWA, call it as email A. Then, I forward an email that contains url link (ex: to email B. Then, I open email B using Ms Outlook. When I clicked that url link, it’s suppose to go to yahoo site. Instead, it’s redirected to OWA login page. So, I type it in the username and password that I use to login email A. It gives me this error: “403 – Forbidden: Access is denied”. So, I’m thinking probably it’s because of the rollup 12 causing this issue. That’s why I want to rollback to 11. Hope, you could understand my explanation.

        1. Hendy

          I’ve solved the issue by updating to rollup 13. Anyway, thanks.

  4. Hendy

    Hi Paul,

    I have Exchange 2010 SP3 with rollup 12 installed.
    If I want to installed rollup 11, do I need to remove the rollup 12 first?


  5. Ruban

    Hi Paul,

    im planning to implement RU11 in Exchange Env, do you face any issues after RU11 implement ?
    Please let me know…

  6. Sam Shaikh

    Hey Paul,

    Query is related to EDGE server. in my environment i have 2 edge server (Clustered) so what would be sequence to deploy RU 11.

    1. Luis Henriques

      Any news about your deployment of RU11 on Edge Servers?

  7. James

    In a DAG environment where all servers have the same SP3, do all roll ups need to match on each server or can they be off for a bit?

    1. Avatar photo
      Paul Cunningham

      They can be out of step as you work through updating the DAG members one at a time. But not for an extended period or as a permanent state.

      I used to split the maintenance up for a small DAG to two separate weekends.

  8. Radhakrishnan Govindan

    Hey Paul, We have Exchange 2010 SP3 RU9.. without installing RU10 can we go ahead and install RU11. If we install RU11 directly do we get all the fixes available in RU10 as well.

      1. Radhakrishnan Govindan

        Thank you Paul.. Your articles are always Rocks..I follows it every day without fail..

  9. Josh

    I forget with 2010 do we need to have all previous update rollups applied before applying the latest?

    1. Avatar photo
      Paul Cunningham

      No, if you’ve already installed SP3 you can install any SP3 update rollup without having to install all of them one by one.

  10. Dennis richardson


    We recently lost our exchange admin, so by default this job rolls back uphill to me until we hire someone. I am trying to work through issues reported on the daily DAG report, and I have it almost 100% green. ?
    My question is the graph at the bottom shows “failed” for all 4 nodes, but failover works. What should I check or reset to clear this flag?

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