Businesses have a lot of choice these days for deploying mobile access for Exchange Server. Each is good in their own way, but I’m interested to know which ones you’re running in your network today. Please vote in the poll below and if you have a particular reason for your choice of platform why not leave a comment as well.

If you’re running or managing more than one you can choose more than one option.

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  1. George Coburn

    Does anybody have any experience with Mobile Iron?

    Good has a good idea to hold all the corp data in an apps, and you control that app on the device, and for those clients who don`t want to hand over complete control of the device, its a good fit.

    Can`t help the puns, they just keep coming…..

  2. Chris Brown

    We use BlackBerry as our “official” platform, but I, and a few others in the IT department use ActiveSync on our various iDevices. We have a view to allow staff to connect their personal ActiveSync capable devices to our Exchange environment and are in the process of nutting out UAPs etc.

    1. Avatar photo
      Paul Cunningham

      Whats your stance on PIN policies and remote wipes and such? End users have to accept the risk their personal device might get wiped?

      1. Chris Brown

        We’re in the process of finalising the UAP, but it basically read like this: “It’s your device, but if you want your corporate emails on it, with our corporate data, you go by our rules: You accept that if it is lost or stolen, we will remote wipe the device, rendering it unusable until reconnected to a PC.”

        Regarding PINs; “you must have a minimum 4 digit PIN or passcode on your device, changed every 60 days”

        What do you think, too harsh?

      2. Avatar photo
        Paul Cunningham

        Not too harsh, but someone will still not read it properly and get upset later on 🙂

        I’ve got the Good app on my iPhone which is a pretty good (no pun) compromise – not an awesome user experience but at least they can’t burn my whole phone.

      3. Chris Brown

        True…I’ve not even looked at Good, to be honest I hadn’t heard of it until this post. I will look into it, because it may be a viable option for the external device…

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