A couple of weeks ago I released my PowerShell script for generating an email report of Office 365 Message Center notifications. After it was released one reader, Ryan Mitchell, kindly sent me some changes that he had made to improve the styling of the email report. My original styling was a bit bland, and just dumped the message text from the notification into the email without tidying up any of the formatting. Ryan has fixed both of those issues, and the updated script is now available on the TechNet Script Gallery. You can read more about how to use the script here.

Here’s a comparison of the two different styles so that you can see the improvements Ryan made.

Update to the Office 365 Message Center Digest Email Script
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Paul Cunningham

Paul is a former Microsoft MVP for Office Apps and Services. He works as a consultant, writer, and trainer specializing in Office 365 and Exchange Server. Paul no longer writes for Practical365.com.


  1. Davis Parker


    Your scripts are awesome. I have been using them for many years. I found one issue with the Office 365 Message Center Digest Email Script.

    I wasn’t able to use the Get-MessageCenterDigest.xml file to send to multiple email addresses. I modified the code a bit to get this to work. If you have another suggestion please let me know.

    $ToList = @()
    foreach ($t in $to) {
    $ToList += @($t)

    $smtpsettings = @{
    To = if ($MailTo) { $MailTo } else { $ToList }

  2. Vandrey Trindade

    Paul Cunningham,

    Hi, it seems that I’m not able to post new comments…
    The New-SCSession is not working today…

    1. Vandrey Trindade

      It’s working again! =]

  3. Vandrey Trindade


    Thanks but, I tried that again right now and still has the same $htmlhead=”…” part as the old one… Is that section that has the formatting code, right?

      1. Vandrey Trindade


        Sorry then, LOL.
        It was very helpful the second link!
        Already made the changes and the mail is very styling now.
        Thanks a lot once again. Great job!

  4. Vandrey Trindade


    I’ve got part of your script and modified to adapt to my environment.
    Can’t find the part that Ryan Mitchell modified. It wasn’t supposed to be on the $htmlhead=”…” part? I checked and it’s the same with the new file and the old one.

    1. Avatar photo
      Paul Cunningham

      LOL, bloody hell I uploaded the wrong file. Fixed now. If you download it again from the TechNet script gallery it should have the updates.

  5. Sheetal

    My customer wants receive email notification with only EXO related events and not SFB or SPO.

    1. Avatar photo
      Paul Cunningham

      The Message Center notifications don’t seem to be categorized in that way, so I don’t see a way to exclude certain topics.

  6. Sheetal

    Hi Paul, This is a great script, thanks for sharing. Could you please let me know if there is a way to pull out only EXO events?

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