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Microsoft 365 and Office 365: Microsoft’s Confusing Branding

The recent 10th anniversary of the launch of Office 365 brought some questions about the demarcation between Office 365 and Microsoft 365. For instance, do I have an Office 365 tenant or is it a Microsoft 365 tenant? Is a feature part of Microsoft 365 or does it belong to Office 365? And why does Microsoft insist on calling its desktop Office apps Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise? Welcome to the bizarre world of branding, and that’s before throwing Windows 365 into the mix.

July 28, 2021

Office 365 Ten Years On

Office 365 is ten years old. The effect of Microsoft's cloud office system has been profound on corporate IT. Here we reflect on what happened over the decade.

June 28, 2021
Scheduler for Microsoft 365 Debuts 2 Comments
Using Cortana and Scheduler for Microsoft 365 AI voice command

Scheduler for Microsoft 365 Debuts

Scheduler for Microsoft 365 is a new meeting schedulng service launched with a $10/month price tag (per user). Scheduler and Cortana work together to find the most suitable meeting times for participants

June 17, 2021