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One Last Chance to Pause the Great Exchange Online Basic Authentication Shutoff

The great remove basic authentication from Exchange Online project is rapidly approaching the October 1 date when Microsoft will start removing support for basic authentication for seven email connectivity protocols. We've known about this date for well over a year, but some organizations need a little extra time to be ready. Microsoft is offering a one-time three-month extension to January 1, 2023. After that, they're going to proceed with the final termination.

September 1, 2022

Security Updates for Exchange, Where’s Mesh for Teams & Did you miss something when you migrated? Practical Podcast S3 Ep.9

In this week's show, Paul and Steve discuss the new Apple Silicon version of Teams: It was here, now it isn't - why? Exchange Server receives security updates; with Facebook getting a bashing for their Metaverse contributions, will Mesh for Microsoft Teams ever see the light of day; and Exchange Online changes that might affect software you use. Plus - Sean McAvinue and Jason Jacobo join us to help answer the question - what did you leave behind in your migration?

August 26, 2022

Five Best Practices for Microsoft 365 Exchange Online Domain Transfers

Domain Name plays a vital role in your organization, because it lays the foundation to support all business applications. After you have completed your content migration during a cross-tenant consolidation project and your users are working from the new target tenant, it is time to transfer the domain name space to the remaining tenant. This post outlines the five best practices to do this.

June 28, 2022