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Cyber Roundtable with Microsoft’s Alex Weinert on Storm-0558 & Identity Protection. Plus the New Teams & Exchange Security: The Practical 365 Podcast S4 E6

On the show this week, Steve, Paul and Rich are joined by Microsoft's VP Director of Identity Security, Alex Weinert, to discuss almost all things related to securing identities. We hear about what happened behind the scenes during Storm-0558, and we discuss essential steps to protect Microsoft 365. And we discuss the latest news in the world of Microsoft 365 - in particular we discuss the new Teams 2.1 client that recently became GA, and for those still running on-premises or Hybrid Exchange Servers, it is time to get patching.

October 20, 2023

Reusing User Principal Names and Primary SMTP Addresses

Microsoft 365 user accounts have user principal names (for sign in) and primary SMTP addresses (to receive email). Is it a good idea to reuse user principal names or SMTP addresses that become available when an employee leaves the organization. It might seem like a good idea, but it's really not and should be avoided. We explain why here.

October 17, 2023