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Moving Teams Phone Systems During Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations

With the COVID-19 pandemic driving rapid adoption of Office 365, tenant-to-tenant migrations are becoming more common. While content on this subject is plentiful and readily available, little detail exists around how to move the Teams Phone system as part of a migration. Jason Wynn and Mike Weaver detail best practices around testing prior to proceeding.

December 13, 2021

How Long Should Teams Chat and Channel Retention Be?

Governance and Compliance can be a complex subject, especially in the context of modern collaboration. While cloud services and mobility have improved productivity and collaboration, it has also become essential to secure and monitor that data and protect sensitive information on-premises, across devices, SaaS applications, and cloud services. Kat Greenan provides more context around retention policies, specifically for Microsoft Teams, to remain compliant.

December 6, 2021